What happened to the theme song?

I didn't watch this show from the beginning. I always heard from ppl. it was good, but I just never got around to watching it. For the past couple of months Lifetime has played it from the first episode all the way to the final episode of last season and I got hooked! Anyway, seeing all the older episodes I noticed this catchy little theme song in the beginning when the credits come on (Nobody knows where you might end up.. Nobody knows..), and then all the sudden it just disappeared...I kinda liked it, but then again I can see how a show with so much drama the catchy theme song might not fit. I used to think that Frey song How to save a life was the theme song because they would announce it on the radio as the song from Grey's Anatomy, but I must have missed that episode when it was played because I've never even heard it on the show. So just wondered if anyone knew what happened to the theme song, and why they decided to do away with it.


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