Tokyo Majin Complete Collection DVD Review

My experience with this series can be summed up in three reactions. My first reaction was This is cool, great action and fight scenes. My second reaction was “This is mystical, but the plot and action are keeping me into it (I'm not lost yet). My third reaction was What the heck? Unfortunately my third reaction has stayed with me much longer than the first two.

The anime is based on a PS2 game and is packed full of action and zombie slaying fun. The core characters include: Kyouichi, a delinquent who is always looking for a good fight; Komaki, a confident female who happens to be an excellent archer; Daigo, the big guy with a gentle heart; Aoi, the beautiful class president; Tatsuma, the mysterious transfer student.

The series opens with the typical genre of high school kids banded together to fight zombies and demons. The first season alludes to the something more behind it all which at first is a namable villain, Tendo. His demoniacal horde is hell bent on creating chaos and bringing about the end of the world. That was pretty good. The plot was concrete. The characters seemed to have direction, and they followed their roles well. Tendo is eventually dispatched by the team while we get a good dose of character development, and interaction between "team" members. But then some aspects of the plot become strange and begin to waver in consistency.

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