Kurokami Part 2 DVD Review

Even though the first volume came out in March, it feels like forever between releases considering it's a four volume series to cover twenty-four episodes of the show. The first six episodes proved to be pretty interesting as it introduced the Doppeliner system where there are three of everyone in the world and a persons lifespan and fate is determined by those others in some way. Eliminate the ones who are below you as the Master Root and you increase your luck and life. Eliminate the one above you and you gain some amount of power and ability, but it doesn't necessarily increase your luck or happiness.

The second batch of episodes brings us up through episode twelve and brings in a few new characters, almost too many in some ways as it seems like there are Tera Guardians everywhere, and fills in a lot of gaps in a rather quick manner that's almost an info dump. Through these episodes we get a pretty good idea of what's happening, but it all still has this air of being just a bit too much with certain things left unexplained that helps you to suspend disbelief enough to really get into it. The core ideas are ones that I do like with the Doppeliner and how people are coping with it in different ways, but the introduction of other bigger concepts into it I think damages the show a little.

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