Giant Killing - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Episode #07"

The first six episodes of the series did a good job of bringing everything together with a bit of tension and drama as Tatsumi was brought in as the new coach. With his history on the team from years ago, his different style of coaching and his poor press approach, he's a definite character that shakes up things a bit but not in a way that's outlandish or brash. His methods for figuring out what his team is capable of definitely works for him and they're all slowly getting it, which ended with a very good scene involving Tatsumi and Murakoshi where they establish what they really need to do together in order to make a winning team. It's really engaging to see adults working together in this way rather than working against each other.

Tatsumi is actively getting called out on his team's performance after their first loss of the season though since he had made some strong promises at the start of the season. Tatsumi's press relations are admittedly amusing to watch since there are many coaches across many sports known for their candor or odd responses to questions. I doubt there are many, if any, that question the looks of a reporter though like Tatsumi does, but he manages to get away with it because he shifts the focus to how the ETU is still the team to watch for making Japanese soccer exciting. Two straight losses isn't helping his position though and you can even see the frustration slowly creeping into Tatsumi's face as things aren't going as he's intending it to go. And the rest of the team is starting to get very frustrated as well.

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