Durarara - Season 1 - Episode 21 - Review: "At a Total Loss"

The build-up of forces and tension between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars continues and it's only getting worse as some members of the Yellow Scarves can only seem to find trouble. While Kida has told them to knock of the small fights and tussles that were escalating things, some of them can't seem to do it so they keep getting into trouble. That only serves to completely annoy Kida and he's making waves in the rank and file because he's showing weakness, something that certain members really don't like. Kida's control over them is definitely weakening as there are now many itching for a fight and feeling confident.

For Mikado, he's back to questioning the very existence of the Dollars and what it's all become as more and more violence is now seeping out there. His whole point of "taking over" the group before was to try and change the perception of what it's about and making it a force for good instead of the negative. But now that it's increasingly mired in this and he's feeling more and more isolated from everything, the pressure is building. Even worse is that while the group was founded to be fairly leaderless in his takeover of it, a lot of members are now looking to him for answers and for a plan, but he doesn't have one. It's an interesting fork in the road for Mikado to face as the future of the Dollars is at stake as many members are close to quitting now.

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