Grey's Anatomy - Yesterday

In the previouslys, instead of covering the bomb exploding and McDreamy telling Mere that he's glad she didn't die, we get an extended coverage of George's long-term lusting after Meredith. We get the first day they met and several instances of George announcing how much he digs her, and for more shits and giggles, we get Mere's mom calling George by her husband's name and George learning that he looks like Mere's dad. That little tidbit will rear its ugly head at the end of this episode, by the way, and you'll remember this moment and go, "Ewwwwwwwww!" Trust me on this. Oh, and we get a mention of Burke telling Meredith that he and Cristina moved in together and then McDreamy telling Meredith that he walked in on his wife and his best friend Mark in bed together. Man, that's a lot of acreage to cover in 2.5 secondsâ€Â¦

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