Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Episode #09"

Things are looking very grim in the Imperial Capital (which should be Luoyang at this point, if history mattered), as it appears that the Empire is under the thumb of the vile eunuch Choujou. It would appear that there is also unrest among Toutaku's subordinates, as they do not take well to being little more than agents of the oppressive Choujou. In this rather imaginative retelling of the actual history, Toutaku (Dong Zhou) is the captive of the eunuch Choujou, but is the one being blamed for the tyrannical actions of the Imperial Government, which is bleeding the people dry in order to amass wealth for Choujou, who has deliberately stayed quiet in the shadows since the downfall of Kashin.

Back at Touka Village, the entire gang is reunited, as all twenty billion (okay, a slight exaggeration) girls in Ryuubi's "faction" have gathered. We get a tearful reunion of Rin Rin with Aisha (Kan'u), and a family reunion of Bachou and Batai. The little Nanban horde is here as well, admiring the very large busts on display among several of Ryuubi's followers.

And so Kashin returns, having taken on an insufferably cute little catgirl appearance, and the antidote, which has been prepared, is taken. The antidote is not 100% effective, however, as the cat ears remain, even if her rather fulsome body is restored to her (she had begun to shrink to cat size quite a bit). Upon her restoration, the Kind of Nanban, Moukaku, claims Kashin's boobs for herself, with competition from her breast-obsessed followers.

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