Grey's Anatomy - As We Know It (2)

After a relatively brief regurgitation of last week's episode (Mere thinks she's going to die, enter Stupid Von Bombgut with a big ol' unexploded WMD in his belly, hospital goes to code black, Kyle Chandler is hot, Bailey ain't pushin', Alex and Izzie sex it up, Cristina Ricci freaks, Mere sticks her hand in the Belly of Bombs and whispers "What'd I do, what'd I do, what'd I do" over and over again, et cetera), we get a sort of montage of different areas of the hospital, some empty, some filled with a non-pushing Bailey, as Mere voice-overs about how they say that in hospitals, you know when you're going to die; that it's a look some patients get in their eyes. "When the great beyond is heading for you," she says, "you feel it coming." She pauses. "Whatever it is, it's creepy." Heh. As we catch a glimpse of Addison looking scared and Alex and Izzie butt-nekkid in the closet at the closing of what appears to have been a marathon session of coitus, Mere says, "If you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you want to spend it?"

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