Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Demon Blade -Sword"

Swords and sorcery fantasy can be a lot of fun since it's open to all sorts of possibilities and Sacred Blacksmith decides to introduce another nice little element right at the start here. Cecily's guard duty assignment has her set to protect an item of importance and she's all psyched for it, but becomes confused when a young woman named Aria arrives and it turns out that she's the item. Thinking she was going to be protecting a special sword, Aria is actually a sword that can transform into a person. Thankfully, Aria has a very good personality and seems like a fun person to hang out with while also being strikingly beautiful in a way that doesn't put you off of her. Even better is that they don't fanservice up her transformation sequence when she changes.

As the Demon Sword Aria, she's quite powerful as she uses the wind as her main ability, giving it quite the slicing skill. There's a nice little travel aspect to this episode as Cecily, Aria and Lisa head off to where Aria is to be delivered and it's like a girls day out, complete with lots of good food. There's a tinge of darkness to it as well as Aria does talk a little bit about her past and what it means to be a Demon Sword, but it says a lot that she's as well adjusted as she is in human form. Her being used as a very cruel sword before is something that haunts her to be sure and she has a melancholy nature about it as she describes things that had happened, though she didn't intend to bring down the other girls.

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