One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 454 - Review: "Episode #454"

With the time running short to get to Navy Headquarters before Ace is publicly executed, Luffy and the ragtag crew he's put together is racing there as quickly as they can. So what better time to do a couple of side stories with some of the other main cast of characters we haven't seen in real continuity for what, almost six months now? The last episode gave us a nice look at Nami's side story as she's continuing to train and expand her skills while we also had a Franky story which didn't do much for me because it was the first time I'd seen him in the show and there wasn't enough of a point of reference for it to work for me.

Sanji's story is fairly cute as he's got himself on an island where it's filled with all sorts of cute and girly things with a pink magical kingdom, one that looks to have been a creation of Ivankov if you go by a portrait that he runs into. Sanji's plainly disturbed by this turn of events as all these hugely manly women are chasing after him and the queen is just a stand-in for the real one and they're all intent on making Sanji happy with being in this particular place. His efforts to get away have him caught up with the stand-in and she ends up arranging a fight for him to participate in so he can find his happiness. Unfortunately, this means he has to fight in one of their costumes and he gets all girly'd up in a really bad way that's just awful to watch. It's like a really bad hyper version of Ivankov's New Karma Land segment where Sanji's stuck in a terrible dream from which he can't wake up from.

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