Moyashimon Episode #06 Review

The aphrodisiac that appeared in the last episode certainly lent itself to so some fun moments, though they're ones that you can't help but feel highlighted the characters real personalities without the inhibitions they usually place on themselves. Hasegawa has certainly awakened to quit the room with blood everywhere and a lot of hair in her hands from the punishment she placed on Misato the night before. The girls are about to wake up together and Sawaki is hoping that things can go a little further with his life after everything that's happened. As much as the potential lesbian material is amusing, Hasegawa's uncertain time after waking up is still the best of them all.

Moyashimon has no problems in dealing with the ugly side of life as we've seen before with Sawaki having to shove his hand up a cows ass pretty deep. With the post-aphrodisiac world, the two Misato and Kawahama are dealing rather poorly with it all. Misato gets a double dose of it as Kawahama makes him some food to help recover from all the wounds he has, but it ends up making both of them horribly ill and they're in the bathroom having quite the rough time. On the positive side, it's balanced out by watching Sawaki and Kei trying to get a bit closer together after their tryst the night before. She's certainly still interested in him on some level and he's definitely wanting to get closer to her again, but there's an interesting twist. It seems that Sawaki can't see any of the bacteria that he could before, making you wonder if he loses that ability after a sexual encounter. Which is good to know since it means he really did get somewhere with the attractive Kei the night before.

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