Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Yura Keikain and the kiyojuji Parano"

With the series still in the early stages, introducing new characters isn't a surprise at all. New to the fold is a classmate of Rikuo's who transferred in recently named Yura. Yura's quite the yokai encyclopedia as she seems to know everything about all of them, something that really please Kiyotsugu since he's testing everyone on yokai knowledge left and right. Kiyotsugu goes so far as to start up a new group called the Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol so they can go hunting down these things that they believe are causing problems. Of course, they're going to do the inaugural event at Rikuo's house which makes it all the more awkward considering how many yokai are there and Rikuo's own yokai blood.

It doesn't help that when he returns home ahead of everyone, pretty much every yokai in the area is there celebrating Rikuo's recent transformation, so there's a huge party going on in his honor. Rikuo's home is entirely perfect for what's going on as it has a definite classic feel to it and it gets the others into the mood, especially Yura who picks up o some of the odd turn of phrases used by some of them. As time goes on there, more and more of the place causes them to wonder about Rikuo and there's even the idea that they must be so rich so as to have maids because of how some people are getting involved when they're supposed to be out of sight. Everything again seems to be going against Rikuo when everyone just wants to help, even though they should realize they need to just be out of sight.

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