Uraboku Episode #09 Review

While life is moving along at a leisurely pace inside the Twilight Mansion, there are things afoot in the real world and Takashiro's being drawn into one. A series of missing persons events have been going on and now eight people are missing, with there being a number of them turning up dead afterward. Some ties to a school are coming into play with the case as a teacher has disappeared and then appeared dead five days later, which brings us into having Takashiro draw Shusei into the search for the missing person. With him being a specialist in finding things, it's what makes the most sense.

Yuki's girly ways has him trying to gain a bit more of a bond with Hotsuma which is why he's thinking along the lines of healing others as there's something between Hotsuma and Shusei which goes back a number of years. The burn that he received all those years ago has left a mark on both of them in their souls, which is a reason why you can imagine easily that Shusei won't ask to have it removed and that Hotsuma will feel a good deal of guilt over it, guilty that extends to the present and really has an impact on how their relationship is. It's the bond that drew them very close when it happened and now it's something that Yuki doesn't quite understand, which leads him to asking foolish questions about it and thinking he can do something about it.

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