Grey's Anatomy - Break On Through

My TiVo keeps cutting off the first few seconds of all my favorite shows, and this one is no exception. Stupid TiVo. Anyway, Izzie and George are standing about a hundred feet from the hospital entrance, and striking nurses are lined up on each side of the walkway leading up to the door, chanting and waving signs around and being generally strikey. George tells Izzie there's no way he can cross the picket line -- his parents are both union lifers, and if they see him on the news walking into work, they'll outlive him just to pee on his grave. Izzie doesn't see what choice they have, and stands there in her little argyle sweater and her little green coat, looking primly distressed. Mere voice-overs that, in general, lines are there for a reason -- "for safety, for security, for clarity." Cristina runs up behind them and excitedly asks if there's been any bloodshed yet. Izzie frets that surely the nurses know they're doctors, and they have to tend to their sick patients. Cristina volunteers to go first, and walks across the picket line as stoically as she can for someone having edible objects thrown at her by angry nurses. Izzie can't believe they threw food at Cristina, and runs across the line with her head down. George refuses to go, and stands outside with his union compatriots.

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