Clannad Complete Collection DVD Review

Forming the third member of the so-called, by some fans, "KeyAni" Trilogy (a play on the nickname "KyoAni" for Kyoto Animation, the animation studio, changing the beginning to Key for Key/Visual Art's, the Japanese game studio that created the original visual novel on which this anime is based), Clannad was the third time that well-regarded animation studio Kyoto Animation took a visual novel originally created by Key/Visual Art's and turned it into an anime, the first two being AIR and Kanon. While it shares certain similarities with the earlier shows, simply because they share similar origins and were aimed at the same audience, Clannnad is perhaps the most ambitious of the three, embracing larger themes and going much further in terms of fully fleshing out the characters, even if some of those characters are based upon clearly established archetypes that are common to visual novels.

Tomoyo Okazaki is a high school delinquent, but his poor behavior doesn't stem from a nasty disposition. He has a troubled background because of family tragedy, but his anger is as much directed inward as outward. While walking up the hill to his school one day, thinking about how much he hates the town he lives in, he comes across a girl lost in thought. Nagisa Furukawa, the girl he meets, has her own problems, as she is a repeater, having been forced to repeat her senior year of high school since she missed too many class days due to illness the previous year. Together, the two of them will discover the importance of family and friends in life.

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