Grey's Anatomy - Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Over a shot of McDreamy in surgery, Mere gets right to it with her voice-over: "As doctors, we're trained to be skeptical, because our patients lie to us all the time. The rule is, every patient is a liar until proven honest." Mere watches McDreamy work from the observation deck; she's alone until Cristina joins her, shooting her a knowing look. Mere asks Cris why she's not busy prepping for rounds and stealing all the good cases, to which Cristina responds with the same question. Mere shrugs. "No reason." Cristina clearly doesn't believe her, and walks over to sit next to her. MereVO: "Lying is bad, or so we're told. Constantly, from birth. Honesty is the best policy. The truth shall set you free. I chopped down the cherry tree. Whatever." Agreed. Mere confesses that she's waiting for McDreamy, because he's "doing [her] a favor." Cristina says she's avoiding Burke, because he thinks she moved in with him. Mere: "He thinks you moved in with him?" Cris: "You're calling him McDreamy again?" They have a little staring contest, then each sigh heavily. MereVO: "Lying is a necessity."

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