Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 20/21 - Review: "Present/First Snow"

I haven't really been into reviewing lately but that might be due to the Olympic craze that happened in my city. Anyways back to Kimi Ni Todoke. Tohru leaves, he tells Ryu to tell Chizuru to show up next time. Chizuru heads over to Ryu's place to give him her present, where Ryu tells her that she's late and that hopefully she'll get over Tohru for the last time. She gets angry and throws the present at him and leaves. The next day Sawako and Ayane still don't know what to do with the situation. Kazehaya tells them that just by being there and worrying about her helps Chizuru a lot. Chizuru shows up and ignores Ryu during class but eventually runs into each other and Chizuru asks what he meant by the night before about her being late. Ryu eventually tells her that he wanted Chizuru to be rejected to finally get over Tohru. Chizuru is upset with Ryu because he thinks she only came to visit Tohru. Sawako and Ayane eventually find her where she breaks down to them and tells them how angry she is at Ryu, not knowing he's listening and leaves. Chizuru tells them what makes her angry the most is how she treated Ryu. The girls go out and enjoy the rest of the day (end of episode 20). Next day, Chizuru looks refreshed but still ignores Ryu. When walking home from going to karaoke, the girls talk about what Chizuru would say to Tohru, with Chizuru joking around saying she would confess to him. Then Tohru actually shows up and steals Chizuru away. The two walk together and Tohru talks about memories with Chizuru growing up. At the end of the walk, Chizuru confesses to Tohru and Tohru tells her he likes her back but as a little sister. Chizuru congratulates Tohru as he leaves after dropping her off at her place. Tohru is greeted by Ryu where he gives him bread that Chizuru threw at him the day before. Ryu goes to Chizur's place only to be told that she is not home yet. Ryu goes to the docks where Chizuru was at the time Tohru moved out. Chizuru realizes it was Ryu that asked Tohru to come visit her and asks Ryu to comfort her, then they embrace.

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