Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

Legend of the Legendary Heroes continues its somewhat odd sense of pacing and structure with the twelfth episode as it continues to follow two main arcs. The one arc involving Ryner and Ferris offers up the action, sometimes of sizable amounts when the Alpha Stigma gets brought into play, as they travel around looking for the Hero Relics. The other side of the series, the one that does seem to dominate more, is the one following Sion in his role as king of Roland as he tries to turn the country around and do right by its people. Yet is engulfed in intrigue and deceits, often coming from his able assistant Miran who is fomenting much of it, including in this episode as he starts to draw more and more nobles to him that are against Sion.

It's quite unusual to have such a large and rather open gathering of such nobles stating their beliefs like that, since it could lead to them being executed rather easily. Miran's gathering of them together isn't a surprise, but making it such an open event is unsettling. It becomes even more unsettling as he lays out plainly what it is he wants to them to do to achieve this goal. Miran's goals are somewhat obscured in general, though we know he's not all that interested in seeing Sion rule for long, but it's with this gathering that we get an even clearer picture of just how focused he is in his goals and how far he'll go to achieve them, even when it comes to his own father who is a noble. But such brazenness comes with a cost, one that even Miran didn't expect, which is good to see since he hasn't been surprised often so far in the series.

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