Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "We Dueled"

This time we have a Starsky and Hutch opening. Clearly, the producers are firmly in the 60s and 70s with their TV opening fetishes.

So, we have yet another meeting of the Cat Cult, except now Antonia has informed its members that they are to stop worshipping cat ears and cat tails and instead be prepared to live with "people" who have those actual things. Elis then comes on to make some chit chat. After the video message for the cultists, we switch to Aoi giving Kio his first gun lesson, teaching him how to shoot properly. Well, he wanted to learn how to fight, and you can't find a much better teacher than Aoi.

In the meantime, Elis is having tea with Ichika, and a boring nerdy conversation ensues (where else would you have Arthur C. Clarke's maxim about magic and technology quoted?). Manami comes along to join their little tea gathering. We then have a quick cut to the Dogisian leader, who is hatching a plan to stop the Catians from establishing diplomatic relations with the Earth. She keeps the details hidden, but it's apparently unscientific. We cut back to Aoi continuing her training of Kio, though she begins to wonder where Manami is, since she should be practicing herself. When Aoi meets up with Manami later, the two get into an argument, Aoi not realizing that Manami deliberately left Aoi alone with Kio to further her attempts to win his heart. Manami, on the other hand, does not understand that Aoi takes preparedness for battle at all times very seriously. The two of them start shooting each other, though the result is not blood as they are using Catian quasi-antimatter bullets, which only destroy non-animate matter. The result is a lot of clothing damage which is not shown on screen thanks to the timely intervention of a group of Assistaroids holding up their little signs.

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