Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 46 - Review: "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This"

Akaishi and Aoba visit Akane at the hospital where she tells them that she's promised a date with Kou after the tournament. Akaishi asks her about her condition and she tells him that she may require surgery, then tells them that she only told them because she asked. In the semi-final, Seishuu plays Nishikura, a team that plays from behind, a point for point, then gets in an extra run at the end to win the game. Senda hits a home run off the game's first pitch, making coach Maeno feel uncomfortable. Nishikura gets a run in at the bottom of the inning. Compensating for his worry about Akane, Akaishi hits the second home run in the second inning, making Maeno comfortable again. The game goes on without getting any runs in, the coach of Nishikura believing it's all according to plan, until they realize that they've failed to get on base since the second inning. Seishuu gets six runs in the eighth inning, and the game is called for Seishuu 8 to 1. Kou goes to visit Akane at the hospital after the game, where he praises Akaishi's performance, then asks when her surgery is.

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