E's Otherwise Complete Collection DVD Review

Based on the manga of the same name by Satoru Yuiga which was partially released in the US by Broccoli books, E's Otherwise is a twenty-six episode series that never truly finds its way and ends up with a really disjointed way of telling a story. The show was one of many licenses from ADV Films when they first grabbed it and it got lost in the shuffle at the time, so I had hoped for it to be a bit of a hidden gem when I watched it the first time around. The original individual disc run didn't really grab me well as time went on as it didn't tell a story in a way to hold your attention well enough over the course of the many months it took to release. So I had hoped it might make out better when watched in full over a couple of days.

E's Otherwise kicks off with an interesting premise. It's the future, but not too far out, and things have changed as the world is most decidedly different. After a series of wars, the governments of the world were unable to bring things back together properly and so stepped in what's turned into twelve massive corporations. In the time that they've spent their money and resources to try and bring the world back to a proper civilized level, they've begun to supplant much of what the government used to do. Some areas have become completely controlled by the corporations and these tend to be gleaming cities of the future and full of technological wonders.

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