Cobra: The Animation - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "The Starless City"

The quest to save the solar system continues in the third episode of Cobra where he must now walk through to the other side with Secret, according to the Humanhead that they've befriended. With Secret having unlocked the golden doorway to the other side, we see quite the striking view with galaxies and stars spinning around with a golden stairway of sorts going right through it. Secret's got the right attitude about it in the end after Cobra carries her naked body through it and she comments about how he feels after having seen the galaxies most perfectly proportioned body, having just used it to unlock a door.

The other side of the door isn't all that unusual, though there's a nasty gravity trap that captures both of them before they can make their way in further. When Cobra manages to break free enough to do so, he heads into the inner workings of Galon alone only to have his memories stripped from him. And the inside of Galon is not what you'd expect. It's like a mix of film noir with a science fiction edge as there's a full city living and breathing here but with a "starless night" above it in the form of the propulsion system that keeps the whole planet moving. It's pretty in its own way, but finding people alive in here is surprising. Learning that a plague struck the population some three thousand years ago and the survivors fled inside gives it a reason, as does learning that they were sealed in afterward which explains why nobody has gone outside since.

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