Hikaru no Go Episode #64 Review

Hikaru no Go takes an interesting approach to the Sai-less days by giving us a flashback episode in which the two are together very early on in their relationship. It's been interesting without Sai the last couple of episode as it's given Hikaru a chance to grow up some while still showing his very emotional side of his youth. Going back what seems like a couple of years to his days at school and at a time when Sai was still pretty new to him, it feels very... childish I guess you could put it. Hikaru has certainly grown but it's when you do things like this that it's all the more apparent.

The crux of this storyline is similar to one we saw recently in Hikaru's pro days as young Hikaru ends up in an antique dealers shop and comes across as shady merchant whose selling fakes to people for exorbitant prices. It's very reminiscent of the man selling the famous Go tables that weren't what they seemed but it has the kind of brashness that comes from Hikaru's age in this tale. Hikaru's been having an off day to begin with at school where he caused a lot of trouble and got Kaga very angry at him, so it's little surprise that time spent in an antique shop has him breaking something that's supposedly valuable but really isn't that leads him into more trouble.

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