Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #07 Review

The relationship between Ferris and Ryner continues to be amusing as she's essentially waiting for any right moment to kill him and be done with it. When one of the searches for a hero's relic turns up a fortress with a deep secret that's really just lists and lists of tax evaders, she's all set to off him until he points out another place neary that might have something. Their argument is amusing enough, but they end up running into Sui and Kuu who go off on their own weird tangent in an effort to try and distract them so they can go treasure hunting. It does seem that every pair of hunters out there are strange in numerous ways, though only Ferris look to be attempting to kill their partner.

Where the show takes its main turn here, after a brief but interesting late nigh encounter that Sion has, is when Milk is given a clue as to where Ryner is. She's intent on saving him from Ferris in general, but she's also got the goal of capturing him since he's a taboo breaker. Ferris isn't someone to go against easily no matter what and Milk is just completely unprepared for it, so much so that she really gets herself shown up badly, as do her compatriots. It's interesting that Ryner and Ferris are in such a situation in having to deal with this though, since Sion has given them this mission to hunt relics while having people assigned to hunting these two down as well. It's certainly an interesting cover to the situation since it gives them legitimate reason to pursue them and since they're unaware of the truth, they're going after them in earnest.

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