Soul Eater Part 4 Collection DVD Review

Soul Eater has been a series that's definitely had its ups and downs. The show opened well when it came to the visuals but it didn't wow me with the characters or the execution of the story. As it progressed and got into the individual story arcs, I found myself enjoying it a lot more, but it would have periods where it would hit a lull and become rather uninteresting. I often called those Excalibur episodes. But there were a few other areas as well where this happened. Once it got into the overreaching story arc about the Kishin and tied it to other events with what Medusa was up to, it got more interesting but took some time to get to an area where it really felt like it was coming together. With the last twelve episodes, it focuses on two very specific story arcs that helps it to finish out big, making the show in general a worthwhile watch.

The two main story arcs are pretty good overall and follow a natural progression. The initial one deals with the fallout from what Medusa has wrought after taking over Rachel's body and causing a whole mess of trouble. With her in captivity after causing Crona to betray the DWMA, she's seeking to make a deal with Lord Death to provide the information she has on the Kishin. This sets up some tension among the DWMA students as they see someone very dangerous and plainly evil getting out of Death City. Kid Death in particular really starts to distrust his father and the other adults over it, but it's stemming from the fact that he doesn't know all the facts and there's a number of key items kept out of the picture until towards the end.

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