Hikaru no Go - Season 3 - Episode 15 - Review: "That Same Old Smile"

After the DVD release finished out at episode 45 towards the end of 2007, I have long lamented that I wasn't able to see more of this series. While the dub version was available through the early 70's on Toonami Jetstream, the subtitled version I was watching on DVD wasn't. But now Viz Media has finally gotten up to the unreleased episodes on their streaming site, partnered through Hulu, and we've can get back into it after a very lengthy hiatus. Admittedly though, we haven't gone back to watch those episodes so we're jumping back in with a bit of a disconnect, but a fond memory of what we had seen.

Hikaru's growth throughout the series has long been impressive, especially when we do go back to the very start and remember how he was when he first met Sai. That he's now taken it so seriously and worked so hard at it, Hikaru has become a very engaging and creative player in his own right. Of course, having the tutelage of Sai for so long certainly didn't hurt either, but there's a certain pride to Hikaru that keeps him from relying on Sai for help and training. He's playing far more competitively than ever before when he does play Sai and with a growing amount of calculation and intensity. All of it is to pursue his goal of taking on Akira who himself has progressed significantly as the prodigy among this relative age bracket.

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