Kimi ni Todoke - Season 1 - Episode 23 - Review: "Christmas/The Two"

Chizuru and Ryu are back on good terms (Chizuru evening telling Sawako and Ayane that he comforted her) and everyone is getting excited for Christmas. Kazehaya decides to get a Christmas party together for all the singles in the class and invites Sawako. She really wants to go but she tells him she needs to ask her parents first. After school, Sawako in the classroom by herself contemplating whether she should just write her name down. Kazehaya enters the room and convinces her to go. When she gets home, she tries to ask her dad but being that he's really excited for the day to come so she decides to not go to the party. She still decides to make gifts for Chizuru and Ayane, and also starts making a toque for Kazehaya, never intending to give to him. Sawako gives Chizuru and Ayane their gifts earlier since she can't go to the party. Christmas eve, she finishes Kazehaya's toque but a very exited Sawako dad mistakes it for his and Sawako doesn't have a heart to tell him. She decides it's okay since she never intended to give it to Kazehaya. Later that night, she gets a call from Chizuru, who then passes it off to Ayane, who then passes it off to Kazehaya and realizing she's missing a gathering with her friends, she starts to cry on the phone. Sawako's mom casually takes the phone of her hands and starts to talk to Kazehaya. Kazehaya tells her that the party would be more than Sawako, during this time Sawako's dad realizes what he's done (or rather what he thinks he's done) and decides to give Sawako her Christmas gift early.

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