Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 47 - Review: "Messenger of Darkness�

Ed, Greed, and the two Chimera travel to a village outside of Central and find Hohenheim. After being greeted with a punch to the face, Hohenheim meets Greed and then goes through the process of explaining everything. He offers to let Ed use him as a Philosopher's Stone, but Ed refuses to use those innocent lives. Hohenheim is glad to hear this and then turns the subject to how Father is planning to use the solar eclipse tomorrow. Ed makes it clear that the only reason he's joining forces with Hohenheim is because it improves their chances of winning, but Hohenheim doesn't mind the reason as long as they're fighting together. As Ed starts to walk off, he tells Hohenheim about Trisha's last words, and he's surprised to see his father cry about it. Leaving his father to reminiscence about his mother, Ed has dinner and then buys some red cloth to transmute a new coat because he knows the final battle is coming. He also asks the Chimera about sticking with him, and they explain that their intuition tells them it's better this way. Greed, on the other hand, refuses to reveal why he's going with them back to Central. As the group walks along the woods outside of the village, they run into Al, and Al wants Ed to follow him. Realizing what's going on, Ling takes control of his body momentarily to warn Ed, and it turns out that Pride is possessing Al's armor.

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