Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "You On The White Horse"

With the school choicse now having been made, it's tie to start moving forward with the new lives. Manaka makes out well with the start of his high school career as he gets a video camera that allows him to film all manner of things. Smartly, he's starting off with basic life filming by taking the stroll under the cherry blossom trees and adjusting to how the camera works. Manaka also has the devil's luck as he strolls across a woman looking out over the river just at the time that the window blows her skirt up, exposing her simple white undergarments. He does manage to top himself though by ending up fondling her breast through an accident which makes her react in a way that's very much out of line.

Odds on her being a fellow classmate in Izumizaka? Very high.

Manaka and Tojo seem very well suited to high school life, especially as they're in the same class together. They're already close and he's very happy to be near her, especially since there are so many other boys out there that are interested in her. But this start of school also brings in the mystery girl from the river named Satsuki Kitaoji and both of them freak out upon realizing they're in the same class. This doesn't lead either of them to a good impression with other students nor their homeroom teacher and she doles out an impressive punishment for arguing before class even started. The women in Manaka's life certainly add a lot of flavor to all of it.

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