Soranowoto - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Passing of the Typhoon ã?» False and Real Images"

With the ninth installment of the series, Soranowoto engages in some small advances here and there with the characters and the story overall. Unlike some of the previous episodes, this one has most everyone involved and brings Claus back for the duration as well which adds a little bit of manliness to a tense situation. The arrival of the first typhoon of the season has everyone on edge even if there's some allure to this powerful force of nature for some.

Within the fortress at Seize, there's growing concern among the girls with regards to what's going on with Rio. Rio's become more distant recently and hasn't been acting like herself, enough so that even Kanata is aware of it and trying to figure out what to do. With Rio feeling uncertain after the phone call incident with her father, she's begun to fall off in a number of areas. So much so that Filicia has told her to get her act together, in the way Filicia can do so, but comforts her in that she'll cover for her with the superiors until things get back on track. What she can't abide is the impact on the younger ones within the fortress as Rio is a model soldier they look up to.

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