Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 47 - Review: "Can I lie?"

While visiting Akane at the hospital, Kou asks when her surgery is. She tells him it's the day of the final game so she'll have to postpone their date. Kou tells Akane that he's a good liar so he will tell Akaishi that she'll be out in a couple of days. Akane asks Kou to tell Aoba the truth. Kou tells Akaishi the lie which he accepts without question. Kou then asks Aoba to come along to visit Wakaba's grave with him the next day. While there, Kou tells Aoba the truth. He prays the surgery to be a success and tells Aoba that Wakaba won't let her cry again. Back at practice, Nakanishi tries to keep Kou and Aoba's date a secret to Azuma but he overhears everything. Aoba tells Azuma that Kou and Akane were planning their date and then jokingly asks him out to a movie. Azuma then tells her not to ask so lightly since he actually likes Aoba. Early next morning, the day of the game, Kou asks Aoba to do final check with pitching. While doing this, Aoba asks if Kou likes Akane. He tells her that he does, then Aoba asks if he likes Akane more than Wakaba. He tells her that you can't compare someone who's passed away. She then asks if he likes Akane more than herself, to which Kou asks if he can lie. While warming up, Kou spots Momiji, to which she gives him a peace sign, and Kou celebrates. At the hospital, Akane's surgery is a success so Aoba sends Momiji a text message, instructing her to give Kou a peace sign, all a coincidence.

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