Rainbow - Season 19 - Episode 5 - Review: "Without a Voice"

With the fire now done and over with and Sakuragi recovering, Rainbow moves in a much darker direction. But before it can do that, it has to offer some light and hope. Sakuragi's only got two months left before he gets out and he could spend it all in the hospital, but he wants to get back to his cell mates so he can be with them before then. So he gets out after just a month and spends his time doing the work and time together with them. That brief period is rather good as Ishihara is nowhere near around due to his suspension and the guard taking over for him, Kumagai, is a pretty good sort who looks out for everyone and isn't cruel about anything.

There's a great scene where the seven boys are atop a hill taking a break during a work excursion to the outside and they talk about their dreams. With each of them having less than two years to go, outside of Sakuragi, they make the promise to meet there a couple of years from now and prove that they've survived it and are making headway on their real plans for life. Etching their dreams into the tree, it's a great moment of hope in a beautiful setting filled with light and life. But it all comes crashing down, for Sakuragi in particular, when Ishihara returns and he's taken out of the cell to be in the "out cell" that's used to start training and adjusting the residents there for the real world.

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