The Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "Clan -Family"

After the meeting between Chalotte and her girls with Cecily, everyone is spending a bit of downtime at the Cambell house in order for Cecily to recover from her injury a bit. The house is pretty good and there are plenty of servants there, but the one that gets the most attention is the one that's in charge of domestic duties within the house, Fio. Fio's the head maid who makes all the important decisions about how the house is run and the arrival of some riffraff has her insisting with an icy stare that Chalotte and her girls must work if they're going to be there since she only serves the Cambell's themselves.

Well, except for Cecily as well it seems since even as she's injured, Chalotte manages to convince Fio to have Cecily work while there as well so it's into a maid uniform for her. Chalotte's time goes pretty well in this function even though she didn't want to do it as the other girls taught her a number of skills over the years. Cecily isn't suited to it all that well though and often causes more problems than helps, she is a klutz after all, but it all leads to something really good in that they all get to take a bath together in the large and elaborate (noble?) public baths. That leads to the usual silliness that women never engage in such as scoping out each others breast sizes and restraining those who don't want to participate so they can be properly discerned.

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