Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 49 - Review: "Familial Love"

Realizing that Hohenheim is nearby, Pride launches a fierce attack against Ed, Greed, and Lan Fan. Ed sees that Lan Fan still isn't 100% with her arm and saves her from Pride's attack because he knows they'll need her later. Hohenheim meanwhile wakes Al and then learns whats going on from Fu who has also brought the injured Heinkel. Al blames himself for what's happened, but he comes up with an idea and tells his father about it. Hohenheim thus heads out onto the battlefield, and his presence causes Pride to pull back his shadows. Al then charges at Pride from behind and gets caught, but while Pride has his shadows around Al, Hohenheim uses his alchemy to trap both of them in a dome carved from the earth.

Ed gets angry at his father for trapping Al too, but Hohenheim reveals that this was Al's plan all along. Since Pride can't use his shadows in the darkness of the dome, Al is content about being stuck there with him until the promised day is over. Hohenheim explains that Al didn't want to tell Ed because he knew that Ed would be against the idea, and through the walls of the dome, Al apologizes to his brother and claims that he'll be fine for the day. With Pride out of the way, Greed decides to flee the scene and heads by himself to Central because he knows that the only Homunculus left there are Father and Sloth. His goal, as he had stated before, is to become king of the world.

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