Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere: By George

If you've been following our exhaustive coverage of Katherine Heigl, you'll know that she's signed on for this season, and incidentally you might've learned that T.R. Knight was released from his contract in order to pursue his film career. Good luck with that, T.R.! So it's no surprise when in the opening of this episode Izzie wakes up and George flies away to B-list-actor heaven. There's a moment after his death in which Lexie questions his identity (He's too tall! Look at his feet) but that's all put to rest when Callie I.D.'s the Texas-shaped freckle on his hand. Since the staff is crying and raging over "Malley's untimely demise, there are only two patients to speak of. But true to Grey's Anatomy form, both of them handily reflect back on the lives of the weepy doctors who treat them. [Updated.]

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