Grey's Anatomy - Thanks For The Memories

We open at Meredith's, on Thanksgiving morning. Meredith breaks the news to Izzie that she won't be able to help her with dinner, because she's going in to work. Izzie starts whining about it, but is interrupted by the doorbell. Mere opens it to find three strapping men in outdoorsy clothes. The big one asks if this is where "Georgie" lives. As soon as they have confirmed that this is, indeed, where Georgie lives, they shove Meredith out of the way, head up the stairs, and start chanting, "O'Malley! O'Malley! O! Mall! Ey!" Izzie: "Should I call the police?" Meredith seizes the commotion as her chance to escape, and runs off to work. Izzie yells after her that she better be back for dinner at six, and she means it.

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