Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 7 - Review: "Lecon 7/8"

Nodame is so into practicing she forgets to go to Chiaki's concert. At her lesson, she's told by Auclair that the Beethoven's third movement of Piano Sonata No. 31 lacks the proper emotion, rejection, depression, etc. However, Auclair calls her Megumi instead of Bebe-chan so she gets really excited. However after being stopped by Lucas, she realizes she has forgotten to ask Chiaki for concert tickets to him and Rui's concert. No worry, Chiaki's reserved seven for her. Nodame asks if she can come pick them up the next day but she's told that he has to go Rui's place for work, to see her progress on the solo. Because of this, she realizes what kind of emotion is needed in the Beethoven piece. Next evening, Nodame has everyone over for dinner. However, the pizza everyone pitched in for, she ends up burning it. Luckily, Nodame's got some Chiaki cooking so that ends up being served. She seems really depressed and Tanya suggests her to just go and see Chiaki but she seems like she's enjoying the mood so no one pushes it any further. They all go to the concert and Rui's expectation far exceeds what Nodame was expecting. She ends up at Chiaki's place and he realizes that there's something wrong with Nodame, but he decides to play along. He asks if she can stay over, and at one point, she suddenly embraces him and asks if he likes her. The next morning, he's getting ready to leave for Italy and he's about to call to Nodame when she shows up right behind her and. she asks him to marry her. Not knowing what to do, he passes it off as a joke and leaves. Later that day, Stresemann sees Nodame sitting on a bench and goes up to her like his usual self and she seems down so he jokingly tells her that if she needs a place to cry, then cry in his arms, to which she obliges. Meanwhile Chiaki is with Jean and Yuko and his mind is filled with the proposal of that morning. He realized that she was running away from something but since he didn't want to believe it, he passed it off as a joke. He wonders if he should call her. At the same time, Stresemann is talking to Nodame and asks about the proposal. Then Stresemann asks Nodame to play for him since he has not heard her play since they were both in Japan. After hearing her play, Stresmann asks if Nodame wants to do a concerto with him first, instead of with Chiaki. I can’t believe this is coming to an end as well!

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