Strawberry - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Attic"

With all the studying that was done, it all comes down to waiting on the notices to see who all got accepted to their schools of choice. Manaka's worked hard along with Nishino and Tojo to get into Izumizaka but there's always that air of uncertainty. What becomes amusing is that Manaka manages to get in at the last minute by the use of the wait list while Tojo gets in very easily. Others aren't having as much luck in doing so, with Manaka's friend on the wait list but not getting through just yet, so there's a lot of nervousness on the part of some people as the closing ceremonies on their middle school plays out.

In an interesting twist, Nishino took the entrance exams for Omi High School, where Tojo was originally planning to go, and she ended up getting in there. Since the entrance exams, Manaka has been thinking of Tojo and what she revealed to him and Nishino is fully aware of that, which is why her choice of school is a curious one. She does reveal to Manaka that she's done so because she knows she can't compete against Tojo right now based on the way she and Manaka want to make movies together so she intends to go where she can compete against her. The study sessions paid off handsomely for Nishino and she intends to better herself and keep at winning Manaka over, even though she's obviously aware that Manaka has an interest in Tojo. It's surprisingly mature and done without a ton of drama.

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