Strawberry 100% Episode #01 Review

Strawberry 100% is supposedly a very faithful adaptation of the manga by Mizuki Kawashita called 100% Ichigo Hyaku Pasento. That series, released by Viz Media in the US in manga form, ran for just over three years and hit nineteen volumes while getting adapted into a PS2 game and an OVA before this twenty-six episode series began. Viz Media has supposedly had access to this show for a bit and was trying to shop it around a couple of years ago but they've finally decided to at least get it out there in streaming form for fans to check out and hopefully build up some buzz for the show for a full on DVD release. The manga was a title that I think I may have read the first volume of, but beyond that the title and logo alone has been pretty memorable.

Like any good relationship, the series starts off with a chance meeting as Junpei Manaka is simply taking a stroll upstairs in school to look out on the roof to see the sun set. What he runs into is a girl he doesn't know from another class who seemingly falls from the sky a bit and has her panties flashed in such a cinematic way that he's pretty smitten. He's not over the top smitten which is a plus, but he definitely liked what he saw as the girl ran off from him. Junpei has quite a reputation from what we can tell though as he's the type who's always talking about panties, though he tries to cover it up with it being done in an artistic sense rather than something so completely pervy in nature. The mystery girl and his panties become a mild obsession for him as he now so completely wants to film her.

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