Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

So, the Harvest Festival is over. What does that mean? Well, it means that it must be time for an info dump. Yes, Leicester's father and mother aren't just character accessories, they're here to tell us all about the imbalance in the flow of El in the world. Apparently, Altworth, the shadowy inventor and mentor of Agnes, figured out that the problem was tied to an ancient artifact, the Hooded Waterwheel that she mentioned in her letter to Agnes. Alworth went in search of the artifact and has not been heard from since. So, the Oasis gang is tasked yet again with investigating the whole matter.

In the meantime, Minette is going off to visit her friend Miriam, the girl she met while wandering about town several episodes ago. She's not alone, as Nick is there to guard her. Miriam is never exactly in the best of health, but she seems slightly better this time. After the briefing is over, Leicester comes by to take over looking after Minette. Minette and Miriam are talking about a gift for her cat, and Leicester suggests a small bell with some crystite added. So, they go around town gathering the materials, since Leicester will put together the gift himself, so that Miriam doesn't have to spend anything for it. The final item is a small piece of special crystite, and the best source for that is apparently the Tortilla Company, so for the first time we pay a visit inside their building, with the Sisters acting in their usual manner (Ritos vamping for Leicester (ignored), teasing Salsa (successful) and being her usual snarky self).

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