Giant Killing Episode #14 Review

The ETU win over Nagoya has done a whole lot to boost up the team in the morale department but it's having a significant effect elsewhere as well. Those who have been fans of the team, or children of fans who have struggled through the bad years, are rejuvenated by the win and are really interested in the ETU and their prospects as well as soccer in general. The win has become completely infectious to everyone with a smidgen of interest in the team, though some of them go a bit further than others which isn't a surprise knowing how just about every kind of fandom is like.

The interest is so high that a lot of people are out to watch the team as they practice after the game and there's a significant variety of them. The kids are there hoping to get autographs from their favorite players, though one of them wants one from Tatsumi, and you also have several high school girls in uniform there to admire the Prince of the game. Add in the manly men who have been in the stands from the start and even threatened the team to start doing better and it's really amusing and fun to watch all of them react to the practice. The intensity of it surprises the younger ones but even some on staff are a bit surprised by how intense the training is the day before the next game against Sapporo. Tatsumi shows off his smarts by doing this since it keeps the team from getting full of themselves after their first win.

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