Dragon Ball Season 5 Collection DVD Review

The fifth set of Dragon Ball draws this part of the series to a close and it's one that has distilled a lot of what made the previous sets good down to a science. At this stage of the game we know the characters, the relationships are pretty much set and there aren't too many real surprises left. Over the course of the five discs in here that cover the final thirty-one episodes of Dragon Ball, we get a fair bit of training to be had, the passage of more time and one more Tenkaichi tournament to be had. We get a lot of what's been the best of the previous sets in here with a nice little twist.

After all that's happened in the last set with the fight against Piccolo Daimao, Goku and everyone else has a few options in front of them. Goku has to figure out how to revive the Dragon Balls so he can bring everyone back to life that died in the fight against him while everyone else has to get on with their training. Goku's journey takes him to some fascinating places as he has to go through quite a few hurdles in order to get the Dragon Balls working again. From place to place and eventually to Karin's Tower, that has him going further up to the place where Kami-sama live, the man who created Shen-long and the Dragon Balls themselves. This realm, the Upper World, gives us a look at something bigger within the Dragon Ball universe by having the linked connection to Piccolo there as well as the very well powered Mr. Popo who tests Goku over and over.

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