Cross Game- Season 1 - Episode 33/34 - Review: ''He'll Never Change/Careless Pitch ?"

Still so late. Anyways Junpei and Aoba bump into Daimon but turn down Daimon's offer to watch Kurokoma practice. Risa comes to Seishuu to do a photo shoot but refuses to interrupt the baseball team's practice. The sophomores ask if they reach a certain point if Aoba will go on a date with them, while Kou asks if he can be excused from dating her if he can strike out at least ten batters. At the end of the game, no one is able to reach their goal, except for Kou, which in five innings, strike out ten batters, which resulted in the game being called. Aoba asks if Kou really didn't want to go on a date with her, but he replies that he was only throwing at Akaishi's glove. Aoba advises him to conserve his pitching for the future, in which he asks if that's the type of pitcher she's in to. Kurokoma plays Sena, Miki's team, but after Daimon refuses to use his ace pitcher to a "no-name" school, they lose. (end of episode 33) Azuma tells Aoba that there's more to her popularity than just her baseball skills. Aoba asks Kou but he tells her that sometimes you don't see things clearly when you're too close to someone. As she watches Kou get onto the field and watches all the fans cheer him on, she realizes that he might be right. After Miki bats for the first time against Kou, he admits he may have left Seishuu too early. The game goes on with Kou not letting anyone on base and Miki not letting get to home. As Kou tells Azuma that Miki has all the information on Seishuu, Azuma tells him that he doesn't know about Aoba's influence on all the younger players and at the eighth innings, one of the sophomores hits a three-run homerun. Kou almost finishes the whole game with a no-hitter except Miki's homerun at the top of the ninth inning, and Seishuu wins 3-to-1.

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