One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 462 - Review: "The Power to Destroy the World! The Ability..."

The face-off of epic proportions is here and laid out plainly as one side features Whitebeard with his crew and forty allied ships while the other side has the Warlords and Admirals who have shown (though not all are committed to fighting) and a hundred thousand elite naval men who are itching for a fight now that their execution has been taken away from them. The bonds of the Whitebeard crew is shown plainly here as Ace's past is sort of nudged a bit so as to explain why he's not really on their bad list, a moment where Whitebeard himself manages to again come across as a fatherly type who is doing right by those who have served with him.

Watching the tension build between both sides is really fun since there's that small uncertainty about what will really happen. Throwing us a bone about Luffy and his crew (or Captain Buggy's crew as the case may be) getting ever closer to Navy HQ to be a part of everything since they want to save Ace and aren't aware of the changes only adds to the excitement. There's a nice bit of comedy about all of it there with this crew and the way Buggy's miracles seem to happen even though he's just making it all up as he goes along is priceless. He's still the character that's made a huge turnaround for me since I first met him and watching him in the Impel Down arc and this one has been an absolute blast.

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