Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 13 - Review: "Irony of Fate"

Because of the relatively slow and laid back manner of the series, the revelation that Kanata is Reiga doesn't exactly do all that much for it. Kanata had enough of a role early on but felt like he was largely forgotten at that point as he apparently manipulated things from the shadows. Or from scenes that didn't resonate with me much at all. The meeting of Yuki and Kanata at this phase has him revealing a bit of what happened some time before and the real threat he presented to Yuki at that stage. It's not a bad reconnect to the past, but after so many episodes without him, Kanata really doesn't feel like the kind of threat he should be.

As Reiga, he has quite a lot he wants to accomplish and uses some intriguing and well animated abilities in order to take down others from the Twilight Mansion. With his powers based around cold, it's visually beautiful as he uses things like Fenrir and other ice attacks to go against Zess, Shusei and Hotsuma while Yuki is seemingly kicked off to the side just to watch. Reiga has told Yuki to stay out of this in general and it looks like he doesn't intend to attack him all that much in general. Reiga does have some nice powers though and I particularly liked his Fenrir incarnation which Zess likens to the power of an Opast itself, giving it significant ability in the fight.

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