Nodame Cantabile Finale Review

Sorry, trying to catch up. Anyways, after Stresseman asks Nodame to do a concerto with him, she skips school and goes to London with Stresseman for a while. Chiaki starts desperately looking for Nodame only to find out that she's performing a concerto with Stresseman. He goes to watch it and tries to meet her after the concert but she refuses to see him. Elise is happy that the concert was a success but Nodame seems as though a shell is only left of her. Good Nausicaa reference in this scene. Nodame all of a sudden leaves without her cell phone and because of that no one's able to get a hold of her. Funny scene where Elise calls Chiaki pretending to be Nodame. She calls to see if Nodame is with Chiaki but no dice. While trying to find her, he finally comes to term with his feelings for Nodame. We find out that she ends up she's just been training everywhere because she doesn't think she can top her performance. She then plans to head home but misses her stop and it delays her even more. She eventually gets back to her place like nothing happened. Also with Kuroki getting more kids/Nodame being popular, her apartment starts to look like a daycare. All her friends wonder if she'll ever go back to studies or her career. Chiaki comes to her place and Nodame tells her she doesn't want to play anymore and she felt guilty she didn't play her first with him. Chiaki grabs her and takes her to Nina Lutz's place and tells her play the first piece they played together when they first met. After everything, Nodame turns to her usual self and jumps to embrace Nodame, thinking he's going to block her hug but he accepts it wholeheartedly, now knowing he doesn't want to her to leave his side. After that, Chiaki's just doing his thing and Nodame does the Mozart concert with Chiaki there. Kuroki and Tanya seem like they're doing well, doing competitions together. Can't wait until (maybe) they animate the opera-hen!

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