Grey's Anatomy - Into You Like A Train

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Alex loses his mojo after finding out he has to re-take his medical board exams, and also screws up his first date with Izzie; Meredith gives McDreamy a "choose me, not your wife!" speech; Bailey goes out with her husband for their ten-year anniversary; and Cristina tells Burke they're now a couple.

When we left her last week, Meredith was sitting on a barstool in The Emerald City, knocking back shots of tequila and waiting for McDreamy to show up after having signed those silly divorce papers of his. And...she's still there. The door opens again, and again McDreamy does not walk through it. Meredith makes a face in the door's general direction, then turns to Bartender Joe and laments, "I actually said 'Pick me.' 'Pick me'?" Joe says he thinks it's romantic. This sends Meredith off on a rant: "It's not romantic, Joe. It's horrifying. Horror-movie horrifying. Carrie at the prom with the pig's blood, horrifying!" Joe reminds Mere that Carrie took out an entire senior class. Meredith can't let it go: "I. said. 'PICK ME'!"

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