Grey's Anatomy Discussion: How do you feel about medicine-focused episodes?

The last couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy have undoubtedly shifted the focus away from the usual interpersonal relationships between the characters and dealt heavily with the medical. For some viewers the change has been a welcome one, while for others it has been a frustrating couple of episodes.

It is unlikely that all of the remaining episodes of season six will deal only with the medicine, as there are many things headed our way that will impact the relationships on the show. We know, for example, that Kim Raver (Lipstick Jungle) will be showing up to stir things up between Cristina and Hunt (as if they need more stirring up). Then we've got Leven Rambin showing up in Mark's (and Lexie's) life. And of course, who can forget the fact that there's a bunch of new people wandering around Seattle Grace?

But the past couple of episodes have worked to remind us that these characters we know and love are doctors first and foremost. But did we need to be reminded? Is it important to focus on Derek''s ability to remove an impossible tumor? Will the fact that he did so successfully impact his storyline for the rest of the season?

More to the point: How did you feel about the past couple of episodes? Did you like the fact that we got to see more about the medicine or are you hoping the writers have gotten it all out of their system and return to the characters?

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