Grey's Anatomy Review Part II - As We Know It

Last weeks Grey's Anatomy "cliffhanger" left us to wonder whether Dr. Merideth Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her patient would be blown to bits during surgery to remove live ammunition from the chest of a war reenactment fanatic. It seems Meredith had a dream that this day would be the day she would die. When Hannah the paramedic (played by Christina Ricci) went AWOL, Dr. Grey stepped in to stabilize the ammo and perhaps make her dream come true? Would the ammunition explode and kill Dr. Grey along with her former boyfriend and co-worker Dr. "Mc Dreamy" aka Dr. Shepard (Patrick Demsey) and his patient (coincidently, or not so coincidentally, since it is sweeps month after all- Dr. Bailey's husband Tucker who sustained a serious brain injury in a car crash as he rushed to be by his wife's side when she went into labor). We were also left to wonder whether Alex (Justine Chambers) would finally be able to successfully do the deed with Izzy (Katherine Heigl).

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