Ghost Hound Complete Collection DVD Review

Ghost Hound is the original creation of well-respected production company Production I.G, and more specifically, the brainchild of Masamune Shirow, creator of Ghost in the Shell. It is also the series that marks the twentieth anniversary of the company; so needless to say, I had certain expectations before I even sat down to watch it. And while the series failed to impress in some aspects, it still created an experience that one doesn't normally get in the anime we are exposed to nowadays.

The story revolves around several inhabitants of the unassumingly quaint town of Suiten, namely three middle school boys and one grade school girl, each of whom has had some kind of traumatizing event in their past. Taro Komori was kidnapped when he was three years old. It was a tragic incident that left his older sister dead and his family somewhat broken. Makoto Ogami is the heir to a religious sect that he desperately wishes to break away from. Eleven years ago, his father committed suicide, and Makoto can't shake the feeling that his death was somehow related to the Komori's kidnappings. Masayuki Nakajima is a transfer student from Tokyo. He may have a cool and outgoing exterior, but in reality he's haunted by the fact that not too long ago his bullying led to the suicide of one of his classmates in Tokyo. Finally, there is Miyako Komagusu, a young girl with the ability to see ghosts and a tendency to get possessed by otherworldly beings.

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